Tips To Make Your Air Travel More Comfortable

air travel tips ipswichWhen was the last time you travelled by plane? Travelling by air is one of the modern means of transportation but many people don’t know about all the interesting facts about air travel. Here are some amazing tips that will make your journey more comfortable.

Cooler Window Seats

Do you know that the seats by the window are colder? It’s because the temperature outside the cabin can go down for as low as -140 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit which chills down the temperatures fuselage. You can feel the external cold above all the seats by the windows, especially during summer flights. So if you choose to seat by the window to enjoy the view outside, it would be helpful if you wear something a little warmer or request for a blanket.

What’s wrong with drinking coffee or tea during the flight?

Remember that the drinking water used to prepare hot beverages on board can contain malignant bacteria such as coliform or E. coli. Water tests conducted on various aircraft reveals that this water contamination happened on more than one occasion. Instead, ask for bottled water or fruit juice.

Filthy tables and seat pockets

Do you know that tables and seat pockets are the filthiest places in a plane? It’s because these areas are sometimes full of trash collected during flights. They may look clean but they aren’t really thoroughly cleaned. The tray table is even worse as people often use these tables to change their baby’s diapers, admitted one cabin crew. Bring wipes with you, keep your personal belongings in your bag and avoid using the table for eating.

Morning flight

It is always a good idea to choose a morning flight. The odds of having a morning flight delayed is surprisingly small. Later flights usually get delayed due to the continuing delays that happened throughout the day.

It is also interesting to note that the degree of turbulence is reduced in the morning, according to specialists. This is good for those who have fear of flying.

Better service in the final rows

Sitting in the first rows and closer to the back of the cabin has advantages. When you sit in the first rows lets you have a good choice of meal and you get to go first at the end of the flight. Sitting closer to the back of the cabin would allow you to get attentive service from the cabin crew and can easily assist you in your requests.

Always opt for the special meal choices

Airlines offer a choice of different in-flight meals. Even if you do not have any particular preference travellers suggest going for one of the special menus. For sure, they are better than the standard food selection.