Travel Indonesia: Things To Do In Bali Provice

If you are planning to travel to Indonesia, visit the Bali Province. Here are some of the top attractions to visit Bali:

Ubud Monkey Forest

Also named Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is in the town of Ubud. The name is derived from the Balinese word “Ubad” which means medicine. This sanctuary is home to a couple long-tailed macaques which tourists can encounter in the morning as they are attracted to tourists having breakfast near the hotel.

A day spent in Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the best things you can do in Bali. Why not feed them with bananas, which you can buy at the sanctuary? Monkeys are drawn to food and if you want a close encounter with them to take selfies, then feeding them bananas is a good way to go. Make sure though to keep your valuables such as sunglasses, camera lens cap, bag, and so on are out of the monkeys reach. Do not fight with them if they already have them since they can become aggressive.

Shop while in Kuta

Check out Mercure Kuta Bali as the mall offers top-of-the-line imported brands. A walk in Kuta will allow you to find a good selection of shirts, slippers, gadgets, and the common things you find inside malls. There you will also find a vending machine with Havaianas slippers inside. You will also find cafes, bars, coffee shops and of course restaurants lined in the place.

If you are looking for good bargains, go outside the mall area where you will find bargain items. Haggling is common and you can mostly get half the price at most. Also, explore the surfers’ paradise at Kuta beach and find a lot of surf shops in the area.

What Travelling Can Do For You?

travel around the worldWhile most people would love to travel around the world but most people don’t just do it. It is like travelling to the most beautiful and scenic places are just a dream that is difficult to do. However, there are so many great benefits to travelling and if you can realise what it can do for you, you will also help achieve your dreams and start touring the world.

Travelling is not as difficult as you think

Travelling to a lot of countries is not as difficult as it seems and the truth is, everyone should do this at least once in their lives. Whether you choose to spend a couple of years or just a few months travelling, it is necessary to see what this great world has to give. It is really up to you on how to make this dream come true by taking the first step.

What travelling can do for you?

When you travel to different countries, it opens up your eyes to the beauty of the earth and its amazing people. You create beautiful friendships with people around the globe which helps see those places in a more meaningful way. Travelling relaxes your mind and eases your soul and makes you a happier person.

What to look forward

While travelling to places you haven’t been before shows you uncertainties of what to expect, but these are positive unpredictability as you always look forward to what will happen next. Sometimes it is also after when we are far away from home that we even realise that we have new skills we haven’t used and this puts a smile on our face as we move forward and reach our next destination.

Countries To Consider In Your Solo Travel Destinations

solo travel destinations ipswichThere is nothing wrong if you want to travel alone. There is actually an increase for solo travellers these days and this trend is not going away soon.

But why should you travel alone when a company is better? Well, there are a lot of advantages to travelling solo and that includes having all the time for yourself. If you are one of those people who also love yourself as a companion and want to seek a new adventure then going solo is the way to go. Plus solo travelling means you are out of your comfort zone so you will mostly rely on yourself and no one else which means you will have more exploration to do.

Here are some of the best countries aside from the USA and England to go if you want to travel by yourself:

Australia. This country is one of the best places for backpackers and solo travellers simply because of their great beaches. They also have the best diving spots in the world which make them belong to the 5 most booked countries for backpackers.

Italy. Italy has everything, from the classic Rome’s architecture to the great sandy beaches. Who wouldn’t want to go to the country? But what most people love when they go to Italy is their food. Their tasty, glorious food! Visit Naples and try the pizza where it all begins. Make sure to ask the locals where they mostly eat to get the real taste of their region.

Thailand. Thailand is becoming the top choice for first-time solo travellers this is because the country is also diverse. If you want to feel the city with its loud, chaotic and exciting atmosphere, then visit Bangkok. However, if you want to experience great beaches then the islands are for you. Do you want to go island hopping? Or do you want to go to a secluded beach? Whatever you decide, Thailand has everything for you.

Solo Travellers – Advantages Of Travelling Alone

travel alone collingwood parkTravelling solo is a fun way to have unique experiences and explore your boundaries without worrying about travel companions and their comforts. If all you want is stress-relieving travel, then travelling alone is the way to go to get that fun relaxing time you need.

Why consider travelling solo?

There are many advantages to travelling solo. One of them is you get to relax more and explore on your own without the being limited by the plans of others.

Solo travelling will help you develop confidence in decision making. Exploring on your own can help you discover your true purpose in life as you have time to reflect on life and set up yourself for success.

Travelling solo is cost effective. Travelling with family is a lot more expensive as every member is included in the travel budget. While holidays for solo travellers are cheaper as you only have to worry about your own expenses. As a solo traveller, you get to decide what to eat and where to eat while you travel to the new destination. Since you are alone, you do not have to worry about renting two hotel rooms.

You get your wishes and make all your choices. When travelling with a group, you will have to consider their comforts and perhaps set aside a lot of your wish and choices and vice versa. However, when you travel alone this is not the case as you get to do and choose what you want for yourself.

Boredom may strike when you travel alone but when you keep yourself occupied with interesting travel activities you can manage to have a fun successful solo trip. Books and camera can be really helpful to avoid loneliness and boredom on solo travel.

Ways To Combat The Loneliness Of Travelling Solo

travelling solo collingwood parkWhile travelling alone can be very relaxing and can provide you with a real sense of freedom, but sometimes it can be a bit boring since you don’t have a constant companion to talk with. Here are some things you can do when travelling solo.

Bring with you a good book or two

Expect that when travelling by yourself that you will have several down times like when you are waiting for a flight or while travelling on a bus or a train. You will be bored at times with nothing to do. To help you with these moments, bring with you a good book that will help you engage about your surroundings. Think of a book that will make your mind expand through the experiences of other cultures. Probably a book about travelling can expand that.

Have fun with your pictures

One common with travelling alone is that you have to ask other people to take a picture of in case you do not want to just take a selfie because if you take all your pictures as selfies, all you will get from your trip is your face and there are no backgrounds to show. But what you can do is be creative. Instead of asking people to take a picture of and the surrounding you are in, play with your camera and set a timer in. Be goofy with your shots like you are a crazy person because when you look back at all those pictures, those are the ones you will mostly remember.

Travelling alone may sometimes make you feel lonely, but you can change that outlook when you have interesting things to do while feeling the new environment.

Tips To Make Your Air Travel More Comfortable

air travel tips ipswichWhen was the last time you travelled by plane? Travelling by air is one of the modern means of transportation but many people don’t know about all the interesting facts about air travel. Here are some amazing tips that will make your journey more comfortable.

Cooler Window Seats

Do you know that the seats by the window are colder? It’s because the temperature outside the cabin can go down for as low as -140 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit which chills down the temperatures fuselage. You can feel the external cold above all the seats by the windows, especially during summer flights. So if you choose to seat by the window to enjoy the view outside, it would be helpful if you wear something a little warmer or request for a blanket.

What’s wrong with drinking coffee or tea during the flight?

Remember that the drinking water used to prepare hot beverages on board can contain malignant bacteria such as coliform or E. coli. Water tests conducted on various aircraft reveals that this water contamination happened on more than one occasion. Instead, ask for bottled water or fruit juice.

Filthy tables and seat pockets

Do you know that tables and seat pockets are the filthiest places in a plane? It’s because these areas are sometimes full of trash collected during flights. They may look clean but they aren’t really thoroughly cleaned. The tray table is even worse as people often use these tables to change their baby’s diapers, admitted one cabin crew. Bring wipes with you, keep your personal belongings in your bag and avoid using the table for eating.

Morning flight

It is always a good idea to choose a morning flight. The odds of having a morning flight delayed is surprisingly small. Later flights usually get delayed due to the continuing delays that happened throughout the day.

It is also interesting to note that the degree of turbulence is reduced in the morning, according to specialists. This is good for those who have fear of flying.

Better service in the final rows

Sitting in the first rows and closer to the back of the cabin has advantages. When you sit in the first rows lets you have a good choice of meal and you get to go first at the end of the flight. Sitting closer to the back of the cabin would allow you to get attentive service from the cabin crew and can easily assist you in your requests.

Always opt for the special meal choices

Airlines offer a choice of different in-flight meals. Even if you do not have any particular preference travellers suggest going for one of the special menus. For sure, they are better than the standard food selection.

3 of America’s Best National Parks

There are so many national parks to visit when you’re travelling America, if that’s your kind of thing. We’ve rounded up 3 of the most amazing parks in the US, and you’re bound to add at least one to your list of destinations to visit.  Our friends from Brisbane, Australia to check it out.


Acadia, Maine
The most amazing part of this almost 50,000-acre park is viewing the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain. When you join the audience waiting before dawn, you’re part of the lucky group of people who see the sun’s rays first in the whole country!

There’s fantastic views for those who like to hike or bike, or those who would rather go by sea can jump aboard a boat cruise or even rent a kayak and see the wonders of this park.


yosemite lake mirror

Yosemite, California
There’s incredible mountains here, that some people say are unrivalled by anything others on Earth. The landscape was carved by glaciers, which are stunning to see in person.

You can’t miss Yosemite Falls, North America’s highest waterfall; or El Capitan, the tallest granite monolith in the world.

Plenty of great hiking trails lead you through the park, and you can’t miss travelling Glacier Point Road which provides an awe-inspiring view of the Yosemite Valley below.

This is a favourite of our good friend Roslyn!


Arches, Utah
You’ve probably seen Utah’s Arches in films, including many of John Wayne’s movies and Thelma & Louise. With over 2,000 sandstone arches, you’ll never find another place like this in the world. These arches were whittled away over many years by wind and water, and the Delicate Arch is incredible to see at sunset.

You can walk long or short trails, and even rock climb in this national park that’s been referred to as ‘a stone fantasyland’.


These are our picks for 3 of the national parks in the US that you simply cannot miss, but there are so many more for you to explore! Have fun reading and researching about parks for you to hike, bike, or climb your way through, while admiring the beauty of nature.