Countries To Consider In Your Solo Travel Destinations

solo travel destinations ipswichThere is nothing wrong if you want to travel alone. There is actually an increase for solo travellers these days and this trend is not going away soon.

But why should you travel alone when a company is better? Well, there are a lot of advantages to travelling solo and that includes having all the time for yourself. If you are one of those people who also love yourself as a companion and want to seek a new adventure then going solo is the way to go. Plus solo travelling means you are out of your comfort zone so you will mostly rely on yourself and no one else which means you will have more exploration to do.

Here are some of the best countries aside from the USA and England to go if you want to travel by yourself:

Australia. This country is one of the best places for backpackers and solo travellers simply because of their great beaches. They also have the best diving spots in the world which make them belong to the 5 most booked countries for backpackers.

Italy. Italy has everything, from the classic Rome’s architecture to the great sandy beaches. Who wouldn’t want to go to the country? But what most people love when they go to Italy is their food. Their tasty, glorious food! Visit Naples and try the pizza where it all begins. Make sure to ask the locals where they mostly eat to get the real taste of their region.

Thailand. Thailand is becoming the top choice for first-time solo travellers this is because the country is also diverse. If you want to feel the city with its loud, chaotic and exciting atmosphere, then visit Bangkok. However, if you want to experience great beaches then the islands are for you. Do you want to go island hopping? Or do you want to go to a secluded beach? Whatever you decide, Thailand has everything for you.